A Doctoral Network to help advance next-generation Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy

InnoCAR-T is a Doctoral Network (DN) designed to provide training and carry out breakthrough research on the rapidly expanding and high-impact field of Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T cell immunotherapy in a carefully integrated academic and inter-sectoral programme. In brief, the programme will develop innovative CAR-T concepts, including state-of-the-art gene editing and nanotech-based drug delivery to deliver next-generation CAR-T immunotherapeutics. InnoCAR-T exploits state-of-the-art industrial manufacturing and gene-editing technology combined with academic CAR-T concepts and datasets.

Importantly, InnoCAR-T implements these innovations in tailored manufacturing solutions for local academic production to enable rapid clinical translation. Hereby, we further aim to deliver a set of early-stage researchers uniquely qualified for a career in academia and/or industry. InnoCAR-T is a Marie Curie European Doctorate (DC) training network funded by the European Commission within the Horizon Europe research and innovation action. The InnoCAR-T network comprises 3 academic research institutes/universities and 2 companies and provides intersectoral training for a set of 10 Doctoral candidates, which will qualify them for a career in academia and/or industry.

Start Date
1 January 2023
48 month
10 Doctoral
3 academic organisations
and 2 companies
Belgium, Spain